Can someone help me?

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure what to do at this point. We’ve had this computer for years and years and I’m starting to think it’s on its last leg. Most times when I’m using it, I don’t get many problems. The past few weeks, though, have been quite different. You know when you’re just chugging along surfing FB and stuff, and all of a sudden, your computer just freezes? It’s so annoying!

The errors look like this:

csrss error

I’m not even sure what application needs to close, but it always kills everything I’m doing.

Once this started happening, I started to pay more attention to the error messages I was getting. When I did that, I actually saw some interesting stuff. I saw a few individual files causing a bunch of issues, at least on my computer. I’m not sure if these same errors happen to other people, but if they do, maybe I can help you.

The worst error I got was the csrss.exe one. It kept happening to me and telling me I may have a virus or malware. I didn’t have any anti virus scanner installed so I thought I was toast.

I started typing some searches online and some of the first articles I found were by Wikipedia and Microsoft about removing computer viruses. Then I found this video that may be able to help you too:

The short video explains all about the csrss file and whether or not you have a virus. Pretty helpful little video. Plus, it’s the same information that works for other files too (like the svchost.exe file that was corrupt for me too). You can also read more about whether or not you have a csrss.exe virus at this website.

As I just mentioned, the other file that was causing me a ton of trouble is the endless svchost virus. It gives similar alerts that the csrss one does and it also causes tons of issues with your computer. The same site I mentioned above has a long article and some additional information about the svchost.exe virus file.

While it’s a continuous project to make sure my computer works like I want it to, I feel like I’m getting there. I now keep an ACTIVE virus scanner and malware program. A lot of programs, whether they’re free or not, do have free scans you can use. If you want a free one, I would suggest AVG. You can also use TrendMicro or malwarebytes for one-time scans too. All are great and I’ve actually used all of them in the past.

Some of them do provide security features when you’re surfing the web too. That means that whether or not you’re visiting naughty websites, you are protected. In fact, many of the issues from websites aren’t even caused by the sites people would think. It’s usually sites that are hacked or hijacked that then spread viruses and other icky stuff to people who visit them.

Learn from my mistakes and make sure you keep a program installed AT ALL TIMES on your computer that can scan it for errors. Without it, you will probably be in a bunch of trouble and completely frustrated if you run into something like I did.

If you have more questions for me about it, you can reach me on Facebook or just contact me here. I’m still getting everything setup so I might not have a contact form ready to go. If you can’t reach me there, you can also email me at jackie at

Have a wonderful night, and remember, reusing is cool – stay frugal! :)